• 主演:Fernando,Gómez,Rovira,Roberto,Farías,Marcelo,Alonso,Andrés,Reyes
  • 导演:Juan,Pablo,Ternicier
03:34: Earthquake in Chile (Spanish: 03:34: Terremoto en Chile) is a Chilean film directed by Juan Pablo Ternicier, and written by Mateo Iribarren, which will narrate three different stories, based on the 8.8 Richter magnitude earthquake, and subsequent tsunami that hit Chile in 2010.The movie shows three stories of people that was affected by the disaster.The first of them, shows a woman (Andrea Freund) that goes from Pichilemu, OHiggins Region, to the devastated town of Dichato, Biobío Region, as her sons were there spending their vacations there with Manuel (Marcelo Alonso), their father.The second story shows the experience of a convict (Fernando Gómez-Revira), who escapes from the Chillán Prison to Concepción, as his daughter was in the Alto Río building, which collapsed during the earthquake.The third story is developed in Dichato, where a group of young people (Loreto Aravena, Eduardo Paxeco, and Andrés Reyes), while enjoying their last day of vacations in a party, experience the strong movement and tsunami that annihilates the place.